Each Child is Unique

  • We aim to empower children as an independent individuals.
  • Personalized therapeutic services for children with special needs.
  • Counselling services for parents to understand their child’s needs and help them build a proactive environment for their child to grow and develop in.
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each child is unique

"I have been able to calm the inner turmoil in me and find the strength to keep moving ahead in a very difficult time in my life. You’ve helped me understand that it is the negative and the positive experiences in life that shape the person, that I am and that I don’t need to be afraid or ashamed of the negative in my life. I am now able to confront the negative self talk I previously had and work through to a place of strength. I really appreciate your ability to listen deeply and to help me control the chaos that has been going through my mind. It is truly a lifeline to have you."

Name withheld. 24 year old. Lawyer.

"Priyanka is a wonderful therapist, she has a deep understanding of what it’s like to be a teenager with mental health issues and has always made me feel heard and accepted.I felt like she truly loves her job and our therapy sessions were always helpful and they left me feeling very positive and confident about my self."

Name withheld. 19 years old. Student.

"As a parent to a special needs child, I am very happy with the approach and the changes I am in seeing my son. I am extremely content with the way Priyanka deals with my son behaviours and it's beautiful to see the bond between the two."

Name withheld. 38 years old. Parent.

"As a parent to a special needs child, I am very happy with the approach and the changes I am in seeing my son. I am extremely content with the way Priyanka deals with my son behaviours and it's beautiful to see the bond between the two."

Name withheld. 41 years old. Parent.

"I want you to know that a miraculous change happens when my daughter sees you every time you come for therapy. I know you are a therapist, but you are soo gifted and talented in this area and I am so thankful my daughter has you… The peace she experiences is visible to the world. Words will never capture the depth of my gratitude as a mother. You are a gifted child whisperer."

Name withheld. 36 years old. Parent.
Image of Priyanka Tank

Priyanka Tank


"Nurturing your child’s hopes and dreams for future is perhaps the most important responsibility of every grown up in their life."

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An honorary member of The British Psychological Society, trained and certified in Counseling, Play Therapy, Colour and Art Therapy, among others. priyanka Tank has over three years of her experience in parent and child counseling and her work with NGOs in training underprivileged parents and government teachers from a young age, Priyanka Tank has been awarded double Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and in Clinical and Health Psychology, at Bangor University, United Kingdom, for her research work towards helping and bettering the lives of children with special needs.

Priyanka is an enigmatic leader, working devotedly and with utmost dedication, she strives to provide a secure, stimulating and happy environment that emphasizes growth and development of children and parents alike. Her therapeutic processes are centered around creative and practical goal setting approach provides clinical psychology tools that empowers the child and their family to transcend from coping to a thriving possibilities for young families.

Our Services

We at Stumbh are dedicated to caring. We tailor our services to recognize the uniqueness in every individual and to respond to their needs, preferences, and values, taking into account both shared requirements and individual characteristics (such as individuals’ expectations of service, their cultural background, gender, and even subtle issues such as preferences for humour).

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Counsellors guide individuals and families who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. We cater to all ages and offer:

Mental health counselling.
Educational counselling
Child development counselling
Integrative counselling.

SEN Tutor

Special educational needs tutor

When a child has learning problems or disabilities that make it difficult to perform at the same academic level as their peers, SEN tutoring may help. We work alongside children who have either special needs related to behavioural/social difficulties or special educational needs related to reading and writing in a more academic setting.

ABA Tutor

Applied behaviour analysis tutor

Applied Behaviour Analysis, is the gold standard of autism therapy, as therapists are trained to set very specific, measurable goals and often succeed in teaching skills to autistic individuals using reinforcement as a motivator. We use an evidence-based therapy approach to help improve challenging behaviours.

Play therapy

Since the beginning of human history, playing together has been a way to learn basic social skills. Play therapy is the art of learning through the process of play. Under the supervision of a skilled therapist, play therapy can be an effective way for specially-abled children to build social interaction and communication skills to enhance their abilities to engage in novel activities and symbolic play.


Parent training or Relationship development interventions

RDI is a therapeutic technique specifically developed for parents. It uses developmental theories to help parents help their children build social communication skills. Parents will learn how to help their children achieve a prescribed set of goals while working alongside them in their own homes.

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